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Information in English and other languages

In order to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, we need to work together. While most people experience very mild symptoms, elderly and people with various illnesses can experience very harsh symptoms and be put in danger. It's therefore crucial that we all take care of our personal hygiene and keep our distance out in public.

Together, we need to do everything possible to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. Here you'll find more information in English and other languages about the importance of staying at home when experiencing symptoms of the flu or a seemingly normal cold, and what to do and where to call if you live in Stockholm County.

For more information in English, Somali, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Spanish and more, check out 1177:s webpage here. 

Information can also be found in the reception at the town hall, in the library, as well as in every school, preschool and housing for elderly care in the municipality.

För mer information på engelska, somaliska, persiska, arabiska, ryska, polska, spanska och fler språk, besök gärna 1177s hemsida genom länken ovan.

Du hittar även informationslappar i receptionen i kommunhuset, på biblioteket, samt på samtliga skolor, förskolor och äldreboenden inom kommunen. 

More information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden

Senast uppdaterad 11 juni 2021